Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Parky was in control damn him.

I have waited in all day for a big supermarket chain to fetch a television in for repair, I bought it in October and it doesn’t work.
It seems in this age of technology they were unable to give me any time of day at all, no phone calls no texts no email, and no idea who the people were that would be fetching it.
So for me - no visiting my elderly mum, no posting parcels that I have ready to go. No shower in case I got caught out and NO SHOW FROM THEM.
When I rang it was carefully explained to me that if they were held up in traffic they might be later than five and to give them till six.
I was due out, so at six, now quite smelly and defiantely very stiff I rang the company again. We are very sorry we will reschedule it,no it would not be possible to have it picked up tomorrow the company that does that needs two days notice.
So now not only am I very stiff but I am shaking too, so I very politely explained to the young man on the end of the phone that I was extremely angry and was trying not to take it out on him so he had better fetch someone who could resolve this for me.
Parky must have had a field day as I am still stiff and the useless T.V. is still in the hall. Is this the start of a saga I ask myself.

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