Saturday, 20 November 2010


This evening I have the company of my two youngest grandchildren, they have come for a sleep over. I must be less stressed these days, so that makes me a less demanding nanny. My five year old grandson and I played on the Wii. (Yes that’s right the annoying one who gets good scores when bowling).
He is equally annoying when doing other games as he decides just at the point where you start enjoying yourself because you now know what to do, that he doesn’t like that one and wants to play on something entirely different.
The moaning grandson takes over from my very delightful one I thought I had brought home with me. I have not as yet thrown myself on the floor in a paddy as in the advert, but I do put on a very winey voice and tell him I can’t understand what he is saying. I usually get a sly grin, and just occasionally an out and out laugh.
He is an absolute treasure with his little sister, and she in turn loves him to bits. He rushes around making strange noises with her in fits of laughter. If I could just find where his batteries are I could turn the switch to off from time to time.
But no matter how he tries to convince me that he is not sleepy and that his mum lets him stay up, I know he will be sound asleep within minutes, and when I checked him not long ago he was laid on top of the bed facing the wrong way, head down the bed feet on the pillow, correction I have just looked they are in fact under the pillow.
There older sister who is at her friends tonight always used to come in my bed with me. She does a lot of contortions round the bed but I think it was the morning I woke up to find a hand in my face along with a foot, that I decided not any more. It’s just on the odd occasion that I end up saying “oh go on then go and get into my bed”
To be honest she probably has to put up with worse from me. Somehow during the night I manage to roll onto my back and stay there, I must just lock in one position, that means I snore, (Shush don’t tell anyone) and by the time I want to get out of bed I am l so stiff I end up rolling out.

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