Sunday, 21 November 2010

Feeling Yuck!

When first diagnosed, the quandry was should I go on medication or not, so I asked my neurologist "if it was you what would you do?"
He said he would definitely take medication and that, of course was good enough for me. But for the next year I often wondered if that was a good idea.
The side effect was feeling sick; I look back and wonder how I managed. Every time I had to up my dose or have it changed, then off I went again.
I was still working as a home care assistant, which meant driving to my different clients.
That year I never went anywhere without a packet of ginger biscuits on the passenger seat, and a bottle of dry ginger ale - apparently the ginger stops you from feeling sick.
It seems that the part of the brain that wants the dopamine is next to the part that makes you feel sick; I think that was how it was explained to me. It took a while before I found out that there is in fact one drug that can take away that feeling with the grand name of Domperidon. Such a glorious name, after feeling sick for so long it was pure pleasure to be able go out for a meal and not just order the smallest thing on the menu with the hope I could eat at least a little.

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