Saturday, 13 November 2010

Getting it on time

Parky steps in and takes over and reduces me to a slurring stiff necked robot' when for some reason or another I forget my medication. I feel as if I need a good dose of WD 40, or in other words, must get my Dopamine fix.

I am also very conscious of the lack of knowledge even professionals have on this subject, there are horror stories of medication not being administered at the right times when Parkinson patients have to go into hospital.
I now have an absolute fear that if I am in an accident and end up in hospital that I won’t get my medication. It has started to play on my mind to the extent that I am making people around me promise that they will fight my corner if I am unable to do it myself.

Perhaps it would make sense to get a tattoo, not sure where I would have it, or indeed what I would have. GIVE ME MY PILLS ON TIME written right across my bum, may be taking thing a bit far.
I think I am having second thoughts on the subject as I don't do pain.

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