Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Free Bingo Piffle

I am sure that many of you have heard about the compulsive behaviour side effect of Parkinson's drugs - so, I thought that I would indulge Parky’s desire to gamble by taking up the offer of free bingo as offered by email.
What a load of ………………. (Put your own word in)
The link sent me to a page that would not let me get any cards, then after I had clicked on anything and everything, I sent a message by the chat bit to find out what to do.
The result of this was, I found others wanting the same thing, so I was relieved that I was not the only one who was, shall I say, a bit THICK.
What I should have done was get a code at some named time of the day ready to play at a different time, in a different room  - are you with me? I lost the thread long ago!
I think even Parky had given up with the idea of playing, that’s maybe the strategy I should keep - if I can’t get on to the sites’, Parky can’t play!
Why send out such misleading emails?
It has definitely been a "MY BRAIN HURTS" moment.
And another thing.....don't you also get fed up with sites that send you from one comparison site to another?!

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