Sunday, 7 November 2010

Support Group

When it was first mentioned to me that a group of people in Skegness had started a Parkinson’s support group, my initial reaction was, well so what. I did not want to get involved.
After a lot of persuasion, I agreed to go to the meeting you could say I was dragged there not quite screaming and shouting but with bad grace.
I told my friend if things didn’t go well I would be going to the loo, and there would be no chance of me returning, I would just sneak out.
People from the Louth group had come over to show our local group how to begin. Well to be honest everyone I met was very friendly, so I couldn’t use that as an excuse.
As it was a new thing and not many people knew each other we introduced ourselves, when my turn came I introduced myself, and then had to say the words that I dreaded I HAVE PARKINSON’S.

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