Sunday, 14 November 2010


I wonder if Parky came to me as a result of the stresses I have had in my life.
I think the worst was first watching my second husband try to fight Prostate Cancer, several times he thought he had it beat and in the end knowing that no matter how much he was fighting to stay with me it wasn’t going to happen.
Then earlier this year watching my Dad as he succumbed to cancer also, there is a haunting look to them that stays with you for a long time.
I found it so difficult to cope with the very demanding situation. I think as the daughter it was a foregone conclusion that I would sort everything out, and to be fair I probably should have made it much clearer that Parky was making my life difficult.
Being so close to my Dad made it even more difficult, especially when he said he wished he had a gun so he could shoot himself, and I can honestly say that if I had one I would have given it to him.

We had his last good day together, I made him pancakes, he ate so many I thought I wasn't going to get one. I gave him a telling off for being so miserable, and we both expressed our love for each other.

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  1. Today I read something interesting on stress & how it leads to premature death of the brain cells that are linked to Parkinson's Disease. I'm not too sure if stress is the "cause" of Parkinson's, but it sure could be linked to it.

    Here is the link: