Friday, 19 November 2010


I have always enjoyed driving, I think it is because of the freedom and being a person who likes to get up and go, preferably yesterday a car is like an extension of me.
I had a minivan when I first passed my test, it was a rather boring grey, so I think I am right in saying I conned my brother into painting it for me. This he did with a roller in two shades of blue, and very nice it looked too. I wonder what sort of paint he used I have this feeling it was gloss but it was way back in the sixties, since then with the help of Parky it is just a vague memory.
I travelled all over in it,
When I got married we used it to go away on honeymoon, although we thought we had hidden it away during the wedding, of course it was found and decorated. I remember there were pennies in the hubcaps that only made a noise when we went slowly, so had some very puzzled looks when we stopped at traffic lights.
Then when my eldest daughter arrived I had a large Marmot pram which when travelling from London to Skegness, I would take the wheels off, put the lot in the back and she would sleep most of the way.
I have driven various cars since but your first is the best.
So you may understand how devastated I was when I went to the Doctors one day and had a very traumatic experience. (Dr. didn’t understand Parkinson’s) I ended up sat in my car in the car park sobbing. I really wasn’t sure about driving home. I waited for perhaps an hour, and being a bit too independent for my own good I drove home.
I just lost my confidence; I convinced myself that I could manage perfectly well without a car there were buses and trains, so I even gave my car to my dad, with the understanding that I would use it if it was going spare.
It took me a couple of years before I got back to driving and with the encouragement of a very understanding  Doctor (who incidentally knew a great deal about Parkinson’s) I am now enjoying once again the freedom that a car can bring.
I do have a few days now and then when I choose not to drive. If I think Parky has addled my brain or stiffened my limbs too much.
But I don’t think I will ever forget that feeling of sheer panic I had as I sat in the doctor’s car park.

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