Monday, 1 November 2010


Well I have seen Parky’s Neurologist, and I was right he is a very nice man, I took my daughter with me or should I say she took Parky and me, I let her drive, she likes to look after me. She told him about this blog, so that is all I will say about him.
We spent a very pleasant day and other than car park and food I didn’t spend anything. My addiction to shopping must have been on hold. (It’s not me it’s Parky!!!!!!!!!)
I have great difficulty resisting bargain rails, in fact it is a well known among my family and friends that if I am lost in a store  they just head for the sale racks and there I am, nothing is as satisfying as finding that article of clothing that has been reduced and then reduced and maybe reduced again. It does of course help if it is in my size.  
But one of the best things is to find a good quality garment with a good named label in it in a charity shop. I can then convince myself that I am helping a good cause, and if the item is not right I will be able to re donate it.
On an outing with my brother I even spotted a three piece suite that would look great in his room, which it did, but we had to rush home and sell the one he had. He is not sure if he wants to go shopping with me again.

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  1. I like your sense of humor. You reminded me of someone I know that has Parkinson's disease. He said, "What kept me going this far is my sense of have to laugh; otherwise, the disease will take over your life." Keep up the good work!