Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Good morning, I have taken my handful of pills, so maybe today I can escape from Parky. I have my mobile set as an alarm to remind myself to take my pills, which is well and good if I get the first on time, otherwise I have to remember to add a bit of time to make up for it. I think I know what I am talking about.
You would think that as I have been on medication for about eight years that I would be on automatic pilot when it came to remembering to have it with me when I go anywhere. No, I am constantly having to rush home or at least go to people homes where I have a few stashed.
After starting to write this blog this morning, and being super confident that I was in control of ParkyI. It has now hit me that I feel a bit strange, sort of not in control of my limbs so just to be on the safe side I thought I had better see how many pills I have left for today.
Bum, Bum, Bum I have done it again, it’s now two and sat looking at me is the twelve o clock one, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT

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