Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Double Act

I have come to the conclusion that Parky is as much of a problem to those around me as he is to me, so maybe in writing this I can get a better view of Parky’s relationship with them.
I live with him twenty four seven, I have no say in that, but of course any one I meet has to realise that  Parky and me are a double act.
Gosh, a double act, can’t be Fred and Ginger, nor even Morecambe and Wise. I think we will have to be on a par with the two Ronnie’s (4 candles). Sorry anyone reading this out of the U.K. it’s an in joke.
For a lot of people the name Parkinson’s disease conjures up a dreadful picture.  I think mostly because of the DISEASE bit, who wants anything to do with that.
We are all a bit wary of medical problems, so the thought of a family member or a friend having something that is a disease is a bit scary.
What do you say to them?
“You poor thing” doesn’t help a bit.
I am extremely lucky that most people on meeting me have no idea that Parky is lurking in the background. When explaining that due to Parkinson’s there are things I have difficulty with, the usual comment is, but of course you are in the early stages, NO but they have certainly improved the medication.
Whoops alarm on phone has gone off again, must be pill popping time. I looked on a dating site to find that one of the questions was do you do drugs, YOUR DARN COCO RIGHT I DO, but how do I explain mine.

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