Tuesday, 16 November 2010


That’s my favourite subject? I think I must dream in chocolate vision, if I have any in the house I can’t rest until I have consumed it all.
Usually I put the bar in the fridge, and if I can resist the temptation I leave it there until it is hard. Then comes the much awaited moment when I get the bar out and SMASH it on the kitchen work surface.
A couple of Christmases ago my daughter bought me a lindt Chocolate SANTA I was so naughty, first I put him in the fridge, before smashing his head in.
The most unforgivable came next. I hid my Santa from my children and grandchildren, and then when I was on my own I slowly finished it off. The memory of it is making me drool.
That is Parky’s fault I have only started drooling since he came around, I get myself something delicious  to eat and before I get it to my mouth, yuck I feel like someone’s pet dog who’s after a tit bit.

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