Thursday, 25 November 2010


I messed up a bit with my requip. I take 20mg of slow release in a morning. The dose is made up of 2x8mg plus 1x4mg.
What I do is put the tablets into those boxes with compartments so I can take them out with me, that’s a laugh.
This morning I sat down to fill the boxes and found I was low on the 4mg, I searched high and low, as the two strengths of Requip come together I was a bit perturbed.  
The girls at the chemist are brilliant; they pop my pills for me into bottles making it much easier for me.
After wracking that brain of mine for a long time I realised what I must have done. I must have done 2x4mg plus Ix8
That means I was getting16 mg instead of 20mg. No wonder Parky likes being around me he knows I will mess up from time to time and let him in.
So hopefully I am now back on track

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