Thursday, 11 November 2010

My Wii

It’s an amazing gadget; I don’t use it for keep fit which would be a more sensible thing to do, but for playing with my grand children.
I have three, the youngest aged nearly two, then five and my very grown up twelve year old who constantly reminds me to take my tablets.
My very annoying grandson (the five year old) has developed his own style of ten pin bowling. He is in such a rush that he walks away before the pins have gone down, after giving what looks like a nonchalant throw and ends up getting a strike or failing that a spare. Doesn't that phrase NICE SPARE start to annoy.
There are several games that I find hard to do so I make an excuse and talk them into the ones I can do. You would think that as a person who has Parkinson’s I would be red hot at shaking the remote. Wrong, must have a different action.
One of the most unexpected results was when I got 90 percent singing to a Beatles number, I am aware that it was not the quality of my voice but just the fact that I was the only one who knew all the words to Yellow Submarine.
I think after reading this through I may go and have a play, I might even see if I can do any of the keep fit Items.
Watch this space……………………..

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