Friday, 12 November 2010


Because of Parky I find it difficult to manage all those important things we girls do.
First was the torturous part, I had my legs waxed and that is the extent of my waxing, as I am not the bravest of people.
I now have nice pearly nails, so sorry everyone no chance of me doing anything that will spoil them, can’t possibly do pots or clean.
Finally the hair, I am pleased to say I look stunning. Well not bad for a granny.
I think this is a time to thank Parky as without him I would never have taken the time out to be pampered.
While I had my nails done I was bragging, like you do about this Blog, and even surprise surprise had a print out of the article I have done for ParkinsonDotOrg.
My manicurist told me a relation of hers had just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and was devastated, we all know that feeling. So I sent her off with my printout, I just hope it may help a little. At least it put an end to my bragging.
Quick update on the Wii, went to look after my Grandchildren and all I can say is that I am pleased the youngest can't bowl as the other two thrashed me.

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