Friday, 5 November 2010

Sky Dive

I know that I am bragging just a little bit when I say that last year I did a sky dive to raise money for Parkinson’s. I had seen it mentioned in the Parkinson Magazine and thought that is for me. With help from my local Parkinson group I set about raising the money to pay for the sky dive itself and the extra for our local group.
There were some very generous people about and I managed to raise about £1500, I think most people thought I was completely barmy so they dug deep into their pockets.
First I had to get the consent of my G.P. He pointed out to me that at my age if I broke any bones they would take longer to mend, and in extreme cases people had died while doing a sky dive. I told him I still wanted to do it, he said there was no reason why I couldn’t and to call back in a few days for the certificate which then cost me £18 but that did include VAT.
The day of the sky dive was amazing from start to finish, clear blue skies so you could see forever. Family and friends came to watch and it was the oldest and the youngest that wanted to join me, my Dad who was 90 and my Grandson of five. Neither had any chance because of age, so no one stole my thunder.
I had this briefing where I signed my life away, what to do and what not to do I do. I remember being told that if I felt sick I was to tell the guy I was tethered to, I think that was so that he could get out of the way.
When I looked out of the plane door for a fleeting moment I thought ssssssssh------------------- or something like that, but once I was out oh how good it was to falling through the skies, I have been asked if I would do it and the answer must be yes, except for one thing there must be so many other things that I could do.
One of the things I would love to do is walk the Great Wall of China; I know I would have to get very fit to manage it. So here goes I will try and aim for next year 2011.
I think that means less of what I am doing now sitting at my computer eating chocolate.

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