Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Who forgets Parky or Me?

I have just sat down to write this amazing blog, and if I remember what it’s about I will tell you. Do you think it is me or Parky who has forgotten? I am sure it’s his fault.
I have wanted to go to U3A ( University third age)meetings and have written them in my diary and arranged to meet someone there, where am I? Pottering around at home, because once again I have forgotten.
I am constantly asked did you? And before the words are out most people realise from the blank look on my face that the answer will be NO.
I have a list of topics to write about and somewhere on this computer is that list, now what have I filed it under???????????

I am amazed once again at who is reading my Blogs, today I have had the unexpected delight of seeing 31 people from South Korea on my list. Thank you I just hope you can understand my ramblings.

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