Wednesday, 3 November 2010


I have always loved dancing I don’t care what sort when the music starts I need to dance. When I was in my teens I used to go to the local village halls and dance all night hardly sitting down at all.
Then I got married to husband no1, his idea of dancing was wait till the bar shut and stand on the dance floor waving your arms around like a windmill needless  to say I would find someone else to dance with and pretend I didn’t know him.
Then there was husband no2. He said that men only danced so they could fondle a woman, but I am sure it was more that he couldn’t and didn’t want to show himself up. He was very jealous so to look around for another male to dance with was a complete no no. The only way I got to dance was if my brother was around and we would have a jive.
I go through fazes when I go line dancing and that’s great until the dances get a bit too complicated. Getting the signals going round my body is an absolute nightmare, the heavy boots provided by Parky makes me want to cry.
I have three lady friends that I go on holiday with, just for fun I booked us in at Butlins for a 60’s weekend, we had a great time. But unfortunately the thing I remember most was going to dance and Parky had my feet, I think he also had my legs, so I was handbag lady I had a good time, but I would have killed just to be able to dance like I did all those years ago in the local village halls.

Hi I have just been told that I am on the Parkinson's twitter page. WOW

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